My research is motivated by the choices individuals face upon the introduction of new technologies and products and by the aggregate dynamics accruing from these disruptions. I am interested in the digitization process and in how its outcomes are shaping the ways individuals interact with technology and with each other. I am equally interested in the methods that aim at identifying causal effects, namely in randomized experiments. In particular, I am interested randomized experiments in networked environments, in which interactions among treatment units create additional challenges. I am also interested in the combination of randomized experiments with machine learning methods to identify heterogeneous treatment effects and to achieve optimal treatment assignment to each treatment unit.

Work in Progress

Could Reward Uncertainty Encourage Social Referral? Evidence from Large-scale Field Experiments, with Andy Tao Li and Ting Li

Algorithmic Explanations and Human Decision-Making: A Randomized Field Experiment, with Charles Wan and Leid Zejnilovic

Competition and Learning: The Impact of Gamified Competitive Structures on User Engagement in the Educational Online Platforms, with Agnieszka Kloc and Ting Li